PCE is a small family run electrical contracting company which has settled into the specialised market of industrial maintenance and project works. Since starting the business in 2010, business owner Mick and his employees have been focused on having a wide knowledge base in industrial manufacturing. We have been involved with various industrial automation projects, manufacturing continuous improvement projects, new manufacturing machinery development, machinery control upgrades and building maintenance plans and schedules across various manufacturing sites. This has re-enforced PCE knowledge and strength in industrial manufacturing.

Satisfied customers reside in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage (including dairy), print and machine building industries. PCE has recognised being electrically capable is only one aspect of our service we must be competent in. GMP procedures, food handling procedures, corrective and preventative action programs, report writing, documentation management, inventory management and communication are always in constant development along with our electrical and automation knowledge. We believe we have become a well-respected provider of industrial electrical services.

At PCE, we understand how critical the role of a service electrician is. We take great pride in ensuring we have the required amount of urgency in every little job, and equally as important the right attitude for working in a team environment so we can see a breakdown situation solved as promptly as possible. We also acknowledge there is more to the role of a maintenance electrician than reactive breakdowns. There are many tasks and programs within modern manufacturing facilities which require and benefit the involvement of an electrician.